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Trofos Co

Your Global Partner for Premium Greek Culinary Excellence

Welcome to Trofos Co

A distinguished culinary establishment based in Athens since 2012. Our strong desire... to share with the world what Greece is famous for the quality of its ingredients. We achieve it by making more than 500 products available for each and every one of you.

Digital Strategic Market Expertise

Elevate your brand awareness across Europe with Trofos Co's refined approach.

Strategy & Quality Assurance

We develop bespoke operational plans, underpinned by our enduring commitment to quality assurance.

Content & Brand Awareness

We enhance sales through the creation of impactful material and cultivate brand awareness strategically, implementing cutting-edge marketing approaches.

Operational Excellence

We achieve unparalleled operational efficient compliance with our marketplace partners streamlined through day-to-day operations.

Client Acquisition

We strategically plan and monitor advertising efforts for heightened conversion, exposure, and client acquisition.

Distinctive Offerings

Data-Driven: We leverage our goal-oriented, data-driven approach to increase sales with real-time progress tracking.

100% Marketplace: We expedite product distribution on major online stores, including, Amazon.

Devoted Specialists: We access a decade of expertise through our specialists in Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Connect with Trofos Co for not just the taste of Greece but strategic partnerships that ensure culinary and business excellence.

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